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We searched everywhere form the Netherlands down to the icy glaciers of Patagonia to try and find the best contractor web design company in the world. After about a year of searching we came down to a couple of designers, but one in particular won our hearts. The name of this awesome company is Nashville Web Design by Zing (who also often just goes by Nashville Web Design and sometimes NWD). They’re genuine, charismatic, fun and exciting people to talk to. If you ever make your way out to the Nashville area, be sure to drop them a line and tell them that we said hello! But just to get to the point here’s a little bit of detail as to how NWD won our hearts.

It wasn’t that Nashville Web Design had the most unique or eccentric designs (although they have been renowned for a few interesting design concepts). In fact, the look and feel of most contractor websites that we judged were amazing, and it became difficult to say which design was best. We had to enter in a few other criteria that would allow for us to decide what made one web design company better than another.

Nashville Web Design actually delivers a full panoply of web services including SEO, social media marketing, pay per click advertising and of course website design. Their company founder, Erick, is a charismatic young guy who has a passion for helping his local community as well as the local commerce. He hired on his wife, his mother and his best friends to help him produce high quality websites using unique and somewhat odd design concepts. But what really got to us wasn’t simply the design; one of the biggest things that stuck out to us was that Erick and his team is donating large portions of their profits to help the city of Nashville become a better place.

We had the opportunity to speak with Erick about his company and his humanitarian efforts. He said that when he got married he decided he wanted to have kids with his wife, and that’s when things really hit him hard. He knew that he didn’t want to have his kids grow up in a dangerous environment. He understood that the best way to take control over such a thing would be to help with volunteer work and donations. And so today Erick volunteers 40 hours a week to make Nashville a better place and he donates anywhere from 10% – 20% of his company profits to support local non-profit organizations.

As mentioned earlier, Erick brought on his wife and mother and taught them personally how web design works so that they could help him build up his company. Together they spend countless hours working diligently on making websites that have been recognized throughout the world. His contractor websites are known as some of the best in the industry (within the top 10%).

Although Nashville Web Design is known for their contractor websites, they have a large portfolio of law firm websites that have received a lot of attention and recognition in the last few years. Erick and his team aren’t the type to boast about their success and recognition though. They spend a lot of time working to make their city an amazing place, and that’s what they take the most pride in. We highly respect NWD for their efforts and for taking the time to speak with us.

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